Direct from our rehearsal cavern cleverly concealed somewhere in Palo Alto, the intellectual epicenter of the Bay Area, the San Andreas Singers can mostly be blamed on the sixth member of the quintet, director/pianist/arranger and Mercalli scale believer Allen Simon. Though we have yet to perform at seismology's famous Palmdale Bulge, animals do sometimes behave strangely just prior to and during our performances. Soprano Julia Simon, mezzo Deanne Tucker, alto Kitty Rea, tenor Paul Spyksma and bass Jim Puls all have varied earth-shaking backgrounds from bicycles to boardrooms to Broadway.

A chronologically diverse group (some of us were already college graduates when others of us were born), we represent at least half a dozen distinct orientations, family definitions, and lifestyles. Maintaining vocal and social harmony amidst such broad diversity requires at least two or three bottles of wine and sizeable quantities of salted snack foods after every rehearsal.

While our audiences frequently experience that "tectonic" feeling, it remains our dream to be the official a cappella group of the USGS. At any rate, as the San Andreas Singers are often heard to say, "It's not OUR fault."

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